New Jersey City University Partnership

JCITFF has an educational partnership" with New Jersey City University creating an alliance that will help to achieve our goal to further the appreciation of great films and the art of moving images. Drawn from NJCU’s Department of Media Arts, faculty members will serve as jurors for both feature films and documentaries in the U.S. and foreign film categories as well as short films, and will also serve as moderators, conducting workshops on production and acting for the camera, and premiere screenings of two short student films.
JCITFF will offer a public venue for the premiere screening of two short films by NJCU students. The goal of JCITFF is to further the appreciation of great films and moving images. We look to accomplish this through our film offerings and educational initiatives with the support of NJCU’s finest film professors and experts. While the mission of the festival is to inspire and educate through the presentation of great movies, JCITFF is also committed to educating film lovers on the nuances and critical value of one of America's few indigenous art forms—the cinema. The association with NJCU will help us collaborate with film experts as jurors, and showcase tomorrow's filmmakers by presenting student films.
Establishing this affiliation with NJCU will cement our deep roots in the Jersey City Community, and enable both organizations to further the agenda of the city to enhance the arts programs. This partnership will be good for the festival, the university and everyone in Hudson County and Jersey City who shares our passion for documentary film and the arts. The partnership with JCITFF will provide more opportunities for students to experience real-world settings, learning in this case not only about the artistic side of the medium, but also about the business and other aspects.
The partnership between these two organizations enables experts to make an indelible contribution to the students from NJCU, who will be given an extraordinary opportunity at The Jersey City International Television and Film Festival which will be held October 16-18, 2015 in venues throughout the City Hall and Arts Districts in Jersey City.