JCITFF 2015 Submissions

When Voices Meet

When Voices Meet: One Divided Country; One United Choir; One Courageous Journey: An epic and dangerous journey during the South African civil war of 1993, with the precious cargo of hundreds of KwaZulu-Natal musicians from all of South Africa's different race groups. When Nelson Mandela was finally released from prison, courageous South African musicians broke through Apartheid's barriers to form a 500-voice, multiracial youth choir. Threatened with bombs and thwarted at every turn, they prevailed and railroaded across the country aboard The Peace Train.
Singing their way into the hearts, minds and soul of a divided nation in the midst of a civil war, they promoted a peaceful transition to democracy and went on to become Mandela's face of the new nation. When Voices Meet documents the trials, tribulations and triumphs of those musician activists and young choir members. They performed together for seven years; never lost touch with one another; and then reunited 20 years later to tell their stories.

Love At First Sight

A foreign film not meant to seem so foreign. From UK Director Mark Playne, Love At First Sight is a gentle film about love and optimism. Love at First Sight uses the most common language of all – the basic raw human emotions of loneliness and love – something that unites us all, whoever we are, where ever we are.

In the circus of you

In the Circus of You, chronicles a woman’s journey into her alternate reality. In the big-top-of-the-self, she faces her issues with sanity, motherhood, monogamy, divorce, creative / destructive impulses, appropriation, and ultimately beauty. The poems and images create a novel-in-verse where dead pigeons talk, clowns hide in the chambers of the heart, and the human body is turned inside out.


A project, born as a solution to the contemporary existential dystopia whose finality is consisted mostly often in neuro-psychic disorders, brings to life the myth of the cave, not only to the intercession’s initiator, as Platon suggested, but to all those who wish a moment of harmony.

The Wonderpill

Athena Cockburn suffers from heavy migraines and has lost her vim and vigor. Her boyfriend, Jacob York, has enough of the stagnating sex life with her and comes up with the brilliant idea to trick her into taking a fake pill to treat her migraines. The caveat of this placebo pill however is the extreme side effect: an exploding libido! His plan works out but the initial fun turns quickly into frustration when he can't keep up with her anymore.

MWM Welcome to my Pantry New Teaser

In a well-appointed kitchen in Chico, California, two adventurous home cooks have dreamed up a funny and fearless television series, Making It with Moraes®, documenting their real-life culinary exploits tackling new recipes each week with no advance preparation. MOSTRAR MÁS

New York Passport Trailer

A docu-series that lets you travel the world, without leaving New York. New York Passport is a docu-series highlighting the cultures, cuisine, people, characters and places that have earned New York the title of “Capital of the World”.

The Stockroom Film Trailer

After a failed promotion, A stockroom supervisor who once had a dream to be a stand-up comic. experiences his dream beginning to resurface.

TCupcake Bob Teaser

A short dark comedy about an angsty teen girl's trials and tribulations taking her parents' boat out one last time before boating season ends. Nora's seeking an escape with her cooler, older, phone absorbed guy friend, Jordan. Her stubborn father refuses to support her decision to take it out during the cold month of November. Nora's determined, except everything seems to get in her way from death, to dad, to cupcakes.

The Emotional Dimensions Of The James River

This experimental film provides an emotional roller coaster experience that was musically and visually designed based on a neuroscience research project that correlates a mathematical parameter (fractal dimension) of sounds and images with the selective triggering of emotional states.

The Checkout Line TRAILER

In the year 2056, two strangers meet in the most unlikely of places, a center for government sanctioned suicide, commonly known as The Checkout Line. Hope and love rage against the darkness of despair in this 38 min dystopian drama.

Out of Focus Trailer

A documentary film directed by Shahriar Siami. Out of Focus profiles the artist Afshin Naghouni. Born and raised in Iran, he suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury during a birthday party in Tehran when he fell from the seventh floor of a building while trying to escape from Iranian police. He was able to move to Great Britain seventeen years ago for treatment and has rebuilt his life, getting married and now working as an artist from his wheelchair.

Third Is My First

Filmed in the Philippines from director Real Florido. On her first day of retirement, 65-year-old Cory busies herself by cleaning her house until it was immaculate. Then unexpectedly, Cory bumps into "Third," her first love.

R & J (the web series)

Shakespeare’s timeless "Romeo & Juliet" is adapted into a gritty and daring 10 episode web series.

Digital Physics Trailer

Set in a hostel in the 1980s, 'Digital Physics' follows Khatchig, a man searching for truth in mathematics, physics, logic, and life. As Khatchig monopolizes the sole computer in the hostel to make sense of a counter-intuitive result, he has an epiphany: We may be living in a computer simulation.

A Father's Journey

A Father's Journey explores the complicated relationship between a father and his son. A tragic accident sends the father on an unplanned journey in search of faith and healing. A father/son story about love, family, and paying it forward.

Abandoned in the Dark

Kane Hodder stars in “Abandoned in the Dark”, an anthology film comprised of 4 short horror/suspense stories seamlessly connected to one another through extreme tension and gripping real life conflict. Intriguing characters find themselves in life or death situations and forced to confront their own worst fears.


A comedic television pilot based on my life and growing up with a disabled sibling with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Wheelchair bound Jason lives with his hot single mom, Mandy, and his melodramatic older sister, Dani.




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